Camp Sites Available

 “Hey everyone! Camping is on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us at for availability.

Our camping gate will be at the EAST gate again this year. Hours will be 9 AM – 8 PM for check-in. If you arrive after hours, we ask that you dry camp across the road in the parking lot until morning.

Camping Rules

Registration is based on availability. Golf Cart Registration will also be at this gate.

Golf Cart Policy

The Following rules and regulations were devised in an effort to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.  We here at Flat Rock Creek Fall Festival Inc., staff, and campers alike, love our festival and firmly believe in a “Tread Lightly” approach. The following policies are in place to ensure everyone attending the festival is safe and in an enjoyable atmosphere. Violations of any of these policies may result in suspension of vehicle, ejection from the festival, or legal recourse. We wish to continue the many traditions of the festival including attendee carting, but this will only work if we all drive responsibly and carefully. The management of the Flat Rock Creek Fall Festival has the last say in any dispute or alteration of the following rules.

  1. All golf carts or motorized vehicles inside the festival grounds are required to purchase a pass.
  2. All golf cart style users must provide proof of insurance.
  3. Handicapped patrons will not be required to pay the permit fee, provided their Handicapped placard is attached to their golf cart style vehicle, but will be required to provide proof of insurance.
  4. Golf Cart style vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on the Midway of the festival during peak hours. If pedestrian traffic is congested our team members will ask you to park your cart until traffic is lessened.
  5. The Speed Limit for all vehicles is 5 MPH, ALL “CARTS” being utilized in any pedestrian area are strictly limited to a walking pace or speed. Under no circumstance are carts allowed in buildings, including Handicapped permit holders.
  6. All vehicle operations are limited to licensed drivers only. Children are not to be operating any motorized vehicle on the grounds during the festival.
  7. All Vehicles must have current year permits attached at all times.

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